Region II: Cagayan Valley

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Cagayan Valley is a melting pot of culture with different inhabitants namely Indians, Malays, Chinese and Japanese.

Provinces in the Cordillera region were included early during the Spanish Era.

The Batanes group of islands however, were claimed later by the Spaniards in 1783.

What To See In Cagayan ?

Mountainous lands and cold weather make this region a remote treasure.

Thanks to limestone, this region —also known as a gateway of typhoons in the country, managed to stand strong throughout the years.

The lovely stone houses in Batan Island are reminiscent of Ireland in a style straight from Braveheart movie.

There are at least 5 white sand beaches definitely worth a trip: ur favorite is Sabtang Island, which is still unspoiled.

Other sites that will delight adventurous travelers are Callao Cave and the Balete Pass. Get ready to be breathless from the regions’ breath-taking sightseeings, may it be natural or man-made wonders.

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