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This region had been the cradle of the earliest known civilization in the Philippines.

The discovery of the remains of Tabon man in the caves of Palawan, the chronicles of Chinese traders about Mindoro dating back from 775 AD, and the still existing Mangyan civilization in Mindoro Oriental and Occidental are considered solid proof.

During the Spanish and American occupation, the region was used mostly for concentration camps. Luckily, it survived the destruction of different uprisings and wars with minimal casualties.

What To See In MIMAROPA ?

The region of hundreds of islands, also known as the “untouched beauty”.

A couple of pages would not be enough to cover all the amazing locations this region has to offer!

In Palawan alone, countless sightseeing offers a mix of pure serenity and natural beauty. Two are included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list.

The popular attractions are the Puerto Prinsesa Undeground River, El Nido’s Bacuit Bay and Coron which will literally take your breath away. For example, remember the final scene in The Bourne Legacy? It was filmed in the beautiful lagoons of El Nido.

Tubbataha Reef on the other hand, is known as one of the best diving spots in the world by major travel and news publications. These plus at least 4 untouched beaches scattered in the island, and we can say that Palawan is a true paradise.

Marinduque also offers immaculate beauty of nature in all forms. The sands in Tres Reyes Islands can surely rival of Boracay’s. The Red Mountain guarantees a reward with its magnificent views of the islands and the Bathala Caves will surely keep the adventurers up to their toes.

Raw is the best adjective to describe Romblon. A trip to Lapus Lapus and Corcuera Islands will surely change your mind if you have some doubts. Busay Falls is another must-see stop when traveling there.

Mindoro Oriental easily bears comparison with the aforementioned, with 14 beaches varying from untouched to party atmosphere.

Mindoro Occidental on the other hand, is the home of Apo Reef National Marine Life – the second largest coral reef in the world.

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