Region VI: Western Visayas

The canvas of colourful festivals and the world’s famous white beach, Boracay.

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This region was reined by Datus until the arrival of Spaniards.

One of its early settlers are Negritos or Atis who are now known as a tribal group and still lives in some parts of Aklan and Panay.

During the Spanish era, sugar plantation grown into huge proportions, and paved way for the Ilonnggo elite and higher standard of living for the locals.

It should also be noted that during the Philippine Revolution, Iloilo was the only province who firmly condemned the act and voiced out their loyalty to Spain. It was the last province that the Spanish government surrendered to American colonizers.

What To See In the Western Visayas ?

The canvas of colorful festivals and the world’s famous white beach, Boracay.

Boracay automatically comes into mind when someone mentions Aklan. Its powdery white shores become the ultimate party destination for locals and tourist especially during New Year and summer.

Alternatively, you can hop in a boat for some peace and head to Carabao Island. An hour away from Boracay, this island, rather unknown, is totally untouched and offers a sight of what was Boracay 20 years ago.

The province of Antique is getting increasing attention due to the famous Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao. A kawa is a huge pan transformed into a makeshift bath tub. Complete with fire underneath, it is truly a different experience.

A hike in a seven series of waterfalls named Bugtong Bato will bring a combination of adrenaline rush and relaxation for skilled climbers and beginners.

Iloilo is the location of 5 majestic churches dating back from the Spanish era.

Bacolod City is also famous for its old architecture, being one of the richest provinces during the Spanish colonization. A visit to Mariano Ramos ancestral house inspired by Castilan and Tuscany style and the Ruins —a mansion owned by a sugar baron will sure pique up a tourist’s interest.

A meal in Baybay beach located in Roxas City, Capiz is a traveler’s dream come true. With its variety of fresh seafood and a very low price, it will be difficult not to indulge.

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