Region V: Bicol

A mix of Warm Hospitality and Urban Legends

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The region was one of the prime locations of the Spanish settlers since 1565.

Prior to that, the early inhabitants settled to trading from China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

During the World War II, Camarines Sur was among the provinces with high casualties and used as a hideout of guerrilla units.

The area was liberated by the joint forces of American and Filipino troops in 1945.

What To See In Bicol ?

A mix of warm hospitality and urban legends.

Albay is famous for the iconic Mayon Volcano, hailed for its near- perfectly shaped coned and vicious eruption. The most popular eruption was on 1814 in which the town of Cagsawa was buried. Today, only the church’s bell tower stood as witness on that fateful day.

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga City is a beautiful Spanish-Romanesque style cathedral built in 1575. A visit to this small city will not be complete without trying the famous dish called “Laing”, a spicy dish made of dried Taro leaves and coconut milk. As a matter of fact, this region is famous for its spicy food, and the dish of the same name, the “Bicol Express“. The city is also hailed as one of the safest cities in the Philippines with its warm and hospitable people.

The unending mystery of Siquijor never ceases to amaze local and foreign travels alike. Being the home of wizards and sorcerers, these people offer more than mere magic tricks. Do check out the century-old Balete tree and the wonderful Cambugahay falls.

Caramoan Island was not chosen as the location of the hit reality show Survivor for nothing. White sand beaches, 13 different islands and whimsical coconut trees are the perfect set up for the contestants to feel that they are indeed in the wild.

Lastly, Camarines Sur and Naga developed different water sports complex in which you can enjoy whale watching (CamSur) and wake-boarding (Naga), among other activities.

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