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Philippines Rice Terraces Tour: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Certainly one of the best Philippines destinations, Banaue Rice Terraces along with Batad and Hapao for the Rice Terraces of the Cordillera region, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage preservation site. Discover the most beautiful Rice terraces in the world, plain and simple.

Banaue -Batad – Hapao

3D/2N with Night Transfer

4D/3N with Day Transfer


Day 1



  • Breakfast upon arrival in Banaue
  • Sightseeing in Banaue viewpoints
  • Hungduan “spiderweb” rice terraces and other points of interest
  • Lunch in Hapao rice terraces and hot springs
  • Overnight in Banaue.



Day 2


  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Batad trail
  • Short trek to Batad
  • Settling and lunch in Batad Pension
  • Trekking and sightseeing around the village and the rice terraces
  • Dinner and night at the pension
  • Possibility of massage


Day 3

  • Trek Batad-Bangaan (3 to 4 hours on an easy trail)
  • Lunch in “Banagaan Family Inn”
  • Visit of Bangaan village
  • Short trek to Banaue road
  • Lunch in Batad or Banaue
  • Ride back to Banaue by private jeepney
  • Shopping, free time, possibly for a visit of Banaue Museum
  • Dinner
  • 8 pm departure of the night bus to Manila


3 Days / 2 Nights including transfers


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Sagada Caves & Coffins

3D/2N from Banaue

Sagada_Day_1     Sagada_Day_2

  • Echo Valley
  • Bomod-Ok WaterFalls
  • Underground Caves: Sumaging
  • Big Waterfalls
  • Yoghurt House


Sagada Tour

Baguio City Discovery & Camp John Hay

1D/2N from Manila or Banaue/Sagada

Baguio_Day_1    Baguio_Day_2

  • Strawberry Farms.
  • Night in “Forest Lodge”, a high-end 5-Star hotel.
  • Breakfast at The Manor in Camp John Hay.
  • Night Market.
  • Baguio Museum


Baguio Tour

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Banaue - Batad - Hapao 3D2N

 1 PAX /
1 room
2 PAX /
1 room
3 PAX /
2 rooms
4 PAX /
2 rooms
5 PAX /
3 rooms
6 PAX /
3 rooms
Price/ PAX25,000 PHP15,600 PHP13,200 PHP10,800 PHP9,600 PHP9,000 PHP
Total Price25,000 PHP31,200 PHP39,600 PHP43,600 PHP48,000 PHP54,000 PHP

Sagada Option 3D2N

 1 PAX /
1 room
2 PAX /
1 room
3 PAX/
2 rooms
4 PAX /
2 rooms
5 PAX /
3 rooms
6 PAX /
3 rooms
Price/ PAX25,000 PHP14,000 PHP10,000 PHP8,500 PHP7,500 PHP6,800 PHP
Total Price25,000 PHP28,000 PHP30,000 PHP34,000 PHP37,500 PHP40,800 PHP

Baguio Option 2D1N

  1 PAX /
1 room
2 PAX /
1 room
3 PAX /
2 rooms
4 PAX /
2 rooms
5 PAX /
3 rooms
6 PAX /
3 rooms
Price/ PAXFrom Sagada15,000 PHP7,750 PHP6,500 PHP5,000 PHP4,800 PHP4,500 PHP
Total Price15,000 PHP15,500 PHP19,500 PHP20,000 PHP24,000 PHP27,000 PHP
Price/ PAXFrom Manila16,500 PHP9,000 PHP7,500 PHP6,250 PHP5,500 PHP5,000 PHP
Total Price16,500 PHP18,000 PHP22,500 PHP25,000 PHP27,500 PHP30,000 PHP
*All prices are VAT exclusive. For discounted promos and contracting rates, please contact our team at info [at]


Banaue – Batad – Hapao

(3 days / 2 nights including transfer)

  • Transfer Manila-Banaue-Manila by public bus
  • Accommodation, local transportations
  • All entrance fees and eco-taxes
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Local Guides

Not Included

  • English/French speaking Guide, specialist of the region
  • Starex Van (10 seaters) from Manila
  • Souvenirs, Drinks, Tips to all guides

Sagada Option

(3D2N from Banaue)

  • Sightseeing in Sagada
  • Hanging Coffins (Echo Valley)
  • Underground River
  • Trek to Bomod-Ok Waterfalls
  • Yoghurt House
  • Sumaging Caves (Junction underground caving w/ local guide)

Baguio Option

(2D1N from Sagada or Manila)

  • Open fruit picking in Baguio’s Strawberry Farm
  • Night Market
  • Night in a 5-star Hotel, Forest Lodge
  • Breakfast in a 3-star restaurant, The Manor of Camp John Hay
  • Visits to Baguio’s Covered Market and Antiques/Craftsman’s shops
  • Burnham Park
  • Baguio Museum
  • Manila Van Transfer

About Banaue


One of the most preserved regions of the Philippines, Banaue Rice Terraces is one of the best places to visit in Philippines if you are looking for genuine sightseeings and true local travel. Sagada, Batad and Baguio are all exceptional in their own way, for the beauty of their landscapes and natural sceneries.


1. Banaue Rice Terraces

Made 2000 years ago by the Ifugao indigenous people, the Banaue Rice Terraces are often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World, and said to have required as much human work as the Pyramids of Egypt, without the use of any enslaved labor.

Their structure, made with minimal equipment, was able to provide sustainable farming using an ancient irrigation system that is still performing nowadays in an extraordinary efficient way.

The terraces stand 1500 meters (5000 ft) above sea level. To date, the Ifugaos still follow the traditional farming methods handed down by their ancestors.


2. Batad

Batad is included in the 5 clusters of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras. This site is part of the list of UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage sites.

Its landscape creates perfect symmetry and harmony between its inhabitants and the environment. Because of its remote location, local people were able to preserve their tribal culture and left Batad’s environment untouched by any foreign colonizers.

It is the only structure in the country that shows no foreign influence.


Different options available up North

Just inquire through this form or ask any of our team members to help you plan the perfect Trek in the Philippines!

 1. Baguio and Vigan

–       Rest comfortably in the “Forest Lodge”, a high-end hotel in Camp John Hay, the former military base transformed into a vacation place for wealthy Filipinos.

–       After dinner, departure for the Night Market, a tasteful blend of colorful clothes mixed with a very typical & cheerful ambience.

–       The following day, transfer to Manila but before taking the road… Breakfast in a 3-star restaurant, The Manor.

2. All Inclusive, Lunch & Dinner

–       Ever wanted to go on vacation and NEVER take out your wallet?

–       With Chillout Travel, it’s possible! For children and adults, a special fee guarantees you will eat abundantly, and we’ll handle the check.

–       Our All Inclusive Package allows you to carefull plan for your holiday expenses, as you know you won’t spend an extra dime other than for Banaue’s Local Craft.

–       Prices from P3,000/pax on demand