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Visit Visayas: Bohol, Siquijor, Dumaguete, Apo Island and Oslob

Discover the best travel package in the Visayas with this complete tour, taking you to all the places that made this region so famous over the years.

The Visayas

This complete tour will take you to the very best of what the Visayas has to offer. From the wonders of Bohol and its Tarsier to the mystical Siquijor and its famous Healers and Witches, you will pass by Dumaguete and reach Apo Island’s “Model Marine Sanctuary To The World”, then approach Oslob’s Whale Sharks from up close.


1. Bohol


Located in the heart of the Visayas, the island of Bohol is the perfect start to explore this colorful region. From the smallest primate in the world, the Tarsier, to those strange little mountains known as the Chocolate Hills, get ready to be surprised every day of this adventure. The charm of peaceful resorts among luxurious vegetation in Panglao, a hop away from the sea, is usually followed by turtles and a marine sanctuary in Balicasag. Dolphins can be seen early in the morning offshore the long strip of Alona Beach, where masseuses can take your stress away between two mango shakes.



2. Siquijor


This small island famous for its mystic traditions and witches tales is also one of the most relaxing places in the archipelago. Experience the skills of local healers, where incantations and wizard spells will enchant you, and rest in high-class hotels facing the sea during your spare time. The natural park of Bandilaan and the Butterfly Garden will perfectly suit nature lovers when the waterfalls of Cambuhagay will satisfy seekers of fresh air and a good swim in a green heaven. The Balete Tree, a giant centenary Ficus worth a visit, rises above a natural Fish Spa that will make your feet clean and enhance the experience.



3. Dumaguete


Known as the University town for its numerous colleges and four universities where students from all over the region for tertiary education. Its proximity from Cebu and some of the most beautiful diving sites of the world, such as Apo Island, makes this city an attraction worth the stay and a convenient stop due to its affordable high class hotels like the Hotel Essencia, featured in this our tour.



4. Apo Island


This small piece of land next to Dumaguete, referred as its “Grandchild” (from the filipino Apo, grand child) , holds around it one of the richest marine reserve in the world. Called the “model marine sanctuary to the world”, its underwater habitat is closely protected by the National Integrated Protected Area Act (NIPA), under the jurisdiction of the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB). Rated as one of the 50 very best diving sites in the world, it is a top destination for snorkeling and discovering underwater heavens visited by the best advised divers.



5. Oslob


Located on the south tip of Cebu island, this city is well known for being the starting point of boats on their way to see the giant of the ocean, the Whale Shark. Being on the migration path of the biggest fish in the world, Oslob has been organized itself into the most accessible and surest spot to observe and swim among whale sharks in the Philippines, not to say in all Asia.  Those giants eating only microscopic organisms in the water, they are totally harmless, nonetheless really impressive. The size of a bus (up to 18 meters), they will charm you while you swim and dive among them, so close you could actually touch them.



  • Airport Pick-up.
  • Private transportation.
  • Bohol Island hopping and Inland tour: Balicasag Snorkeling, Dolphin Watching Tarsier Sanctuary, Chocolate Hills.
  • Siquijor Healers, the Balete Tree and its natural fish spa, Cambugahay Waterfalls.
  • Apo Island & its “model marine sanctuary to the world”.
  • Dumaguete’s Casaroro Falls and the Twin Lakes.
  • The Whale Sharks of Oslob: swim among the biggest fish in the world.
  • Accommodation & Breakfast.
  • All Ferries fees.
  • Snorkeling kit (Mask & Scuba) for ocean tours.
  • Airport or Pier drop-off.


Bohol | Siquijor | Dumaguete | Apo Island | Oslob

10 Days / 9 Nights


Day 1


–       We will organise you pick up in Tagbilaran Airport by private van or car.

–       During this short transfer of around 25 minutes, you will be able to get a first impression of Panglao Island, where you will stay during 3 nights.

–       Our charming and always smiling staff will welcome you in ChillOut Guesthouse Panglao, a little peace hotel in the middle of a natural environment.

–       Composed of a main building and a restaurant both built with a local touch, this peaceful place is unique and very welcoming.

–       You will spend there your first night in the Visayan Archipel, before discovering the beauty of Bohol, one of the most famous islands of the Visayas.



Day 2


–       In a private car with your own personal driver, you will stop at Blood Compact, the famous monument commemorating the peace between Spanish conquistadors and local indigenes, via the blood pact ritual.

–       You will the visit Baclayon Church and its museum, one of the oldest church of Bohol.

–       Next stop will be the charming city of Loboc, located on the famous Loboc River. This city is still showing traces of the terrible earthquake of October 2013.

–       The Tarsier Sanctuary will then welcome you to present you the smallest primates on earth, only surviving today on Bohol Island.

–       The last stop will then unfold before your eyes the world famous Chocolate Hills. Unique worldwide, this hills formations spread kilometers around. They are named after their brown color during certain period of the year.

–       You will then head back to Panglao where you will enjoy a well-deserved night in ChillOut.



Day 3


–       After a very early breakfast (around 5h30 am), you will leave for a boat trip on one of the famous local bankas (kind of trimaran boats, made of wood and bamboo).

–       This early kick off is a necessity if you want to fully enjoy the unique Dolphin Watching around Panglao.

–       After the dolphins, you will head to Balicasag Island, a diver’s heaven with its huge variety of fishes and multicolor corals.

–       You will be able to snorkel in the marine sanctuary.

–       On the way back, you will stop by Virgin Island, a sand stripe coming out of the crystal clear blue water.

–       Around lunchtime, we will take you back to ChillOut, where you can either rest or enjoy the beach of Alona.



Day 4


–       Right after breakfast, you will leave Bohol to travel to your next destination, the beautiful island of Siquijor.

–       After a 3-hour ferry ride, you will reach Siquijor around 2pm, where a transfer to Coco Grove Resort will be organized from the pier.

–       The resort features a view fronting the beach, on white sand, with transparent emerald water and 2 swimming pools to ensure the most refreshing experience.

–       Should availability in this resort be uncertain, several hotels with similar standard would be proposed to you, such as Coral Gray and U-Story Resort.

–       Rest until the end of the day to prepare for the discovery of this island known for its fairy tales and mysteries.



Day 5


–       After a light breakfast, you will leave to discover the mysterious island of Siquijor. Using a local Jeepney (or a private van depending on availability), you will enter the inlands in direction of the small typical villages.

–       First stop in San Antonio, where you will be able, if you wish so, to meet the “wizards”, so-called local witches and sorcerers who heal visitors using mainly plants and massage oils secretly prepared in accordance with ancestral rituals. Invocations and incantations are various and the experience is worth a try.

–       Those wizards are nevertheless honest and live in a modern style although in a very poor way.

–       After crossing the natural park of Bandilaan, you will have a lunch stop in Bandilaan Peak where you will be able to rest in the middle of a dense wild forest.

–       After a stop in the Butterfly Garden where you will glance at multiple colorful species, you will arrive to the marvelous waterfalls of Cambugahay, composed of several different natural bowls where locals love to freshen and swim. Make sure to pack a swimsuit and a towel, as it will be hard to resist the temptation of diving in this untouched treasure.

–       The last stop will feature the Balete Tree, the most famous centenary tree in the island. At its foot, a pool filled with very special _shes: they eat dead skin from your feet, and will be glad to take care of your delicate toes. You understood, the Balete Tree hides a natural Fish Spa!

–       You will then reach back the resort where you can rest in this calm and clean island.



Day 6


–       After having break fast (included), you will have an open day when you will have the opportunity to fully benefit from the various activities and facilities offered by the resort:
Swimming Pool, Beach, Scuba Diving…



Day 7


–       You will be transferred to the pier after your breakfast where you will take the ferry, in direction of Dumaguete.

–       The boat will leave at 2.30pm for a short 40-minutes cruise.

–       Upon arrival, you will be directly transferred to the Hotel Essencia, a high-class hotel, located in the heart of the city.



Day 8


–       A heavy breakfast will be served, and the adventure continues…

–       After a Van then Tricycle ride, you will embark in a local banka, heading to Apo Island, for an unforgettable day in marine wonders. Apo is a world-renowned “model marine sanctuary to the world”, in the shortlist of the 50 Best Scuba Diving Sites on the planet. It is also a homeland for its famous turtles that you will see by the dozen in this underwater Eden.

–       Snorkle in the sanctuary, socialize with local citizens, take your time and relax in between two dives in its warm emerald water.

–       Trip back around 5pm.



Day 9


– This day will be devoted to the discovery of the inlands and the visit of the Twin Lakes and the splendid Casaroro Waterfalls where you can both swim in.

You will spend the day there and regain your hotel around 5pm to appreciate your last day in Dumaguete.



Day 10


–       For this last day, be prepared to live a once-in,-a-lifetime experience. In a few hours only, you will be swimming among the biggest fish in sea, a real underwater bus of 12 to 18 meters long, the Whale Shark of Oslob!

–       After a good breakfast and a ride on tricycles and boats, you will reach the site of Oslob, where local tour guides will organize this unique activity for you.

–       After a short briefing, you will be given snorkeling equipment and brought on the location where you will be able to swim among those beautiful giants for 30 to 45 minutes.

–       These animals, as big as harmless, do not feed on anything else than plankton, microscopic organisms in the water, and do not like meat. They will offer you a spectacle you will never forget!

It will be then time to take the road back for the hotel and the end of this tour, before being dropped off to the airport for Manila.


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